Always send good quality photos in WhatsApp – this is how you do it

Do you regularly share photos via WhatsApp? Then we have good news, because WhatsApp has a new feature that allows you to always send photos in the best quality.

Send photos in HD

WhatsApp introduced a new feature in 2023 that allows images to be sent in HD. Previously this was not possible, because WhatsApp automatically lowered the quality of the photos. This was done to save data and storage, as lower quality images are smaller files. Since last year, you have the choice whether you send the image in the highest quality or not.

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Now when you send images you can enable the HD button before sending. In that case, the photos will be shared on WhatsApp in the original quality. You must enable this button every time you send photos in a chat. Very inconvenient, especially if you always want to share images in the highest quality. WhatsApp has come up with a solution for this, because you can now adjust the upload quality.

send photos in hd

Adjust upload quality on WhatsApp

In the latest version of WhatsApp you can enable all photos to be sent in the highest quality by default. This way you prevent WhatsApp from lowering the image quality and you don’t have to switch on the HD button every time. While with the standard quality you send photos with 960×1280 pixels, with the higher quality it is no less than 3024×4032 pixels. This is how you enable the function:

  1. Open WhatsApp;

  2. Go to Settings’;

  3. Choose ‘Storage and data’;

  4. Tap ‘Media Upload Quality’;

  5. Turn on ‘HD Quality’.

Please note, because sending media costs much more storage and mobile data if you have this function enabled by default. Not only are the images now sent in HD quality, the videos are also no longer compressed. In that case, WhatsApp sends videos at a resolution of 720p, instead of 480p at the standard quality. You may see the photos and videos in higher quality on WhatsApp, but the large files take up more storage space on your iPhone.

send photos hd whatsapp

More about WhatsApp

In the new version of WhatsApp you can share photos and videos in much higher quality. Have you enabled the feature? It may sometimes take a little longer before the images and videos are sent, because they are larger files than normal. To save storage space, you can later delete the media that you send in WhatsApp (for yourself). The files remain on your iPhone and no longer use storage space on WhatsApp.

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In addition, check carefully whether your mobile subscription has enough data to always send media in the highest quality, so that you can avoid unexpected costs. Are you excited about sharing photos and videos in HD quality and want to know more about WhatsApp? Previously we explained how to edit already sent messages on WhatsApp. Do you want to be online on WhatsApp without anyone noticing? Read here exactly how to do that.

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