Android 13 tip: this is how you choose a different language for each app

Android 13 tip: this is how you choose a different language for each app

In Android 13, users can choose a preferred language for each app. If you change the setting for one language, the other apps will continue to follow the default language on your phone. We explain how it works.

Choose language in Android 13

There can be many different reasons why you want to set a different language for certain apps. You may prefer to use some apps in English because they only worked in that language before, and you’re so used to the menus. Another explanation could be that you want to learn a language by using it in some apps. Or you notice that the Dutch translations in certain apps are disappointing and you therefore choose a different language.

Whatever the reason, language settings for each individual app were part of the Android 13 beta early on. You can now change language settings on Pixel phones, the only ones currently running on the stable version of Android 13. Let’s explain find out where to find this setting:

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Tap on System
  3. Choose Languages ​​and input
  4. Press App languages
  5. You will now see a list of apps and below each one System standard. Press an app to choose another language from the list
Android 13 tip: this is how you choose a different language for each app
App languages ​​in Android 13

It doesn’t always work

At the moment, app languages ​​do not yet work for every app for your phone, and you will mainly be able to choose a different language with Google apps. Furthermore, the function only works if the chosen language is also available for the respective app. In practice, the app languages ​​sometimes don’t seem to work, even though a modified version for the language does exist. Do you notice the same? Let us know in the comments.

Don’t have Android 13 on your phone yet. Users of the OnePlus 10-series can already get started with the beta software of Android 13. It has also been leaked that Samsung update will be available for the S22 series from October 17. More smartphone brands will roll out their updates over the coming months. You can read what those are here.

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