Annoying spam messages on Instagram – that’s how you stop it

Do you get a lot of unwanted chat requests on Instagram? With this feature you will put an end to all annoying spam messages on Instagram!

Spam messages on Instagram

Do you regularly receive messages from spam accounts on Instagram? Or chat requests from strange profiles? Very annoying of course, especially if there are more and more. It is increasingly common for fake profiles to approach other users via direct messages on Meta’s platform. These spam messages are then shared directly or through groups on Instagram.

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If you get this kind of message often, it is wise to adjust your settings on Instagram. This way you can decide for yourself who can send you a message or chat request on the platform. The same applies to group conversations: you can set that not everyone can just add you to a new group. We put together a number of settings for you, so that you receive a lot less spam messages on Instagram.

instagram spam settings

This way you get fewer unwanted messages on Instagram

To avoid receiving unwanted messages on Instagram, you need to go to the settings on Instagram. You do this by going to your account at the bottom right of the home page, and then tapping on the three horizontal lines at the top right of your own page. Disabling spam messages on Instagram then proceeds as follows:

  1. Tap on ‘Settings and privacy’ at Instagram;

  2. Go to ‘Chat messages and replies to stories’;

  3. Choose ‘Chat message settings’;

  4. Tap on ‘Others on Instagram’;

  5. Turn on ‘Do not receive requests’;

  6. Go back to ‘Chat Message Options’;

  7. Choose ‘Who can add you to groups?’ under “Group Chats”;

  8. Turn on “Only people you follow on Instagram.”

With these settings, only your own followers can send you a direct message. It is recommended that you protect your profile so that you have to approve all new followers. This way you can be sure that there are no unwanted spam accounts among your followers. That way, the chance of receiving annoying spam messages on Instagram is much smaller.

instagram spam settings

More tips for Instagram

With the right settings, you can prevent your inbox on Instagram from being filled with spam messages. Did you find this tip useful and do you want to know more about Instagram? Earlier we told you about the new Notes feature on Instagram and how much you pay for the new Instagram subscription. Plus, Instagram added the most-requested feature ever. Read here which one it is!

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