Apple brings this Google technology to your iPhone with iOS 18

There are a lot of new features coming to iOS 18, for which, according to rumors, Apple is even bringing Google technology to your iPhone. You need to know this!

Apple in talks with Google

Apple is working hard behind the scenes on iOS 18, which is reportedly the biggest iPhone update in years. This is mainly due to the rise of artificial intelligence, which Apple has not yet responded to much. We will therefore probably see many AI functions in iOS 18, for which Apple is now in discussions with Google to use certain techniques.

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Google has made major strides in the field of artificial intelligence in the past year. The company has its own chatbot, which was previously called Bard but has now been renamed to Gemini. The chatbot uses language models to provide written answers or create images. Apple is interested in this technology from Google and there is a good chance that we will see Gemini again in iOS 18.


Gemini is coming to iOS 18

According to Bloomberg, Apple is currently negotiating to obtain the license for Gemini. The language models that Google uses for Gemini are very interesting for Apple, especially to enable generative AI functions in iOS 18. For example, Apple needs Google’s technology to bring advanced AI functions that require the internet to the iPhone .

Apple is also working on its own chatbot, because the company has invested heavily in Ajax. That language model is not yet as advanced as Google’s Gemini, so Apple is currently working on an agreement to use Google’s technology. We mainly see this with Siri and other commands that require the internet. For example, Apple’s voice assistant is reportedly getting a massive update in iOS 18.

apple google pixel

Apple is working on its own GPT

It is expected that Apple will eventually want to build its own chatbot. In iOS 18, Apple already uses its own language models for editing photos, for example, but Gemini will be an important addition to the update. It is not yet entirely certain that Apple will use Google’s technology, because discussions are also being held with OpenAI. That is the company behind the popular ChatGTP.

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What is certain is that we will see many AI functions in iOS 18. For example, artificial intelligence will be integrated into Apple apps such as Pages, Keynote and Numbers. We also see useful AI functions in the Health app and on the Apple Watch. If you want to know more about the biggest update for your iPhone ever, read here what we already know about the new features in iOS 18!

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