Apple event 2024: this is when the new iPads will be unveiled

Apple has announced the first event of 2024! This is when Apple unveils the new iPad Air, iPad Pro and more!

First Apple event of 2024

Grab your calendars, because Apple has announced a new event! On May 7, 2024 Apple’s first event of the year takes place. The presentation starts at 4:00 PM (Dutch time), which is also the time when Apple unveils a series of new products. Apple is expected to announce the new iPad Air 2024 and iPad Pro 2024 that afternoon.

It is notable that Apple is organizing an event in May, as the last time this happened was in 2002. Now, 22 years later, the company has decided to hold another spring event in May. That means Apple is planning to make big announcements. Apple calls the event ‘Let loose‘, but what does that mean? We set out our expectations of the event for you.

iPad Pro 2024

New Apple Pencil, iPad Air and iPad Pro

The theme of the Apple event undoubtedly points to the new Apple Pencil. We have been waiting a long time for the Apple Pencil 3, which is rumored to have many new features. A new design is expected and the pen may have a magnetic tip. The image of the first Apple event of 2024 also shows an Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil 3 will undoubtedly be unveiled on May 7.

In addition, we will finally see the new iPad Air 2024 and the iPad Pro 2024 during the Apple event. Apple didn’t release any tablets at all last year, so expectations for this year are high. The iPad Air will appear for the first time in a 12.9-inch version, so you will soon have a choice of two models with the tablet. In addition, the iPad Air 2024 will switch to the fast M2 chip and Apple will adjust the camera island of the device.

With the iPad Pro 2024, Apple is switching to the powerful M3 chip, which we already see in the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. The tablet will have an OLED screen for the first time, which is an update mainly for the 11-inch version. More major changes are expected with the iPad Pro 2024, for example, the tablet will receive support for MagSafe and a modified design. Read more about the new iPad Pro here.

apple pencil 3

Apple unveils accessories

In addition to the iPad Air and iPad Pro 2024, Apple will also present new accessories at the event on May 7. The Apple Pencil 3 appears, but a new Magic Keyboard is also expected for the iPad Pro. With the keyboard you can easily convert the tablet into a small laptop. It is unclear what other changes are coming to the Magic Keyboard, we will of course only know for sure in two weeks.

There is a chance that the Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse for the Mac will also receive an update at the first Apple event of 2024. Apple will then provide these accessories with a USB-C connection, so that you will soon only need one cable for your Apple devices. So we will mainly see new hardware on May 7, but Apple may also unveil iOS 17.5 then. Do you want to know which other products you can expect from Apple? Then read Apple’s plans for the first Apple event of the year here!

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