Apple Home app iOS 16 gets significant changes

During WWDC 2022, Apple will announce many changes for iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura, Safari, Siri and more. You could almost forget the Home app, which you need for the HomeKit platform. Fortunately, Apple is not skipping that app and the company is presenting substantial changes that come to the application.

iOS 16 will be released later this year and will bring quite a few changes. We see this, among other things, in the renewed Home app, which is particularly useful for people who use many accessories and products with HomeKit support.

The app will get a completely new design, according to Apple. This should make it easier for users to navigate through the app, as well as manage the different devices. In addition, users get access to multiple categories, so that devices that fall under the headings climate, lamps, speakers and televisions, water and security, are better placed within the app. For example, it should become a lot easier via the Home app to switch off all the lights in the house at once. You also have to be able to lock all doors at once.

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After updating, you will see your complete smarthome again in the Home tab. In addition to your favorites, you will also find rooms there. In addition, the Home tab will soon offer an overview of multiple cameras in the house (provided you have multiple cameras, of course), so you can see more at a glance. And when you scroll horizontally past the cameras, you will see the other images (provided you have several cameras, which are not in the overview).

Furthermore, the tiles for accessories with a clear color indicate the status of a device. You also operate them immediately when you tap on such a tile. And when you tap on the name of the accessory, you get access to extensive control options. Finally, there are also new HomeKit widgets for the locked screen, so you don’t necessarily have to visit the Apple Home app to get certain things done.

Apple Home supports Matter

In addition, there is generally good news for anyone with a smart home: iOS 16, and by extension the Home app, will support Matter. This is a universal smart home standard that allows devices to communicate with each other. It does not matter whether you have invested in the ecosystem of Apple, Google, Samsung or any other partner, since the smart devices can be connected to each other.

Not only is this smarthome stand secure and accessible, it also provides Apple Home and HomeKit users with access to devices that they have not had access to until now. You can still use the Home app if you want, so nothing will change for your daily use – except that you can add multiple (types of) devices to your smarthome. For example, you finally get access to robot vacuums and pet feeders.

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