Apple is adding Disney and Pixar to Clips montage app

Apple’s video editing app Clips has received its first update. This way you can decorate your photos and videos with numerous famous Disney characters in a few steps.

Apple Clips update now available

With Clips, Apple wants to make it as easy as possible to edit a photo or video. With a few presses on your screen, you can turn a simple selfie into a photo with emoji, filters and animated stickers. The update will particularly appeal to fans of these stickers.

From now on, there are many famous Disney and Pixar characters processed in the app. From Mickey to Woody and from Toy Story to Inside Out; Apple’s partnership with Disney is better than ever.

Apple is adding Disney and Pixar to Clips montage app

Here’s how to add the new Clips stickers:

  1. Open Clips, take a photo or video, or choose one from your library;
  2. Tap the circular icon with the asterisk;
  3. Choose a sticker, browse categories by swiping the screen;
  4. Resize by pinching with two fingers.

Especially the moving stickers immediately make your videos a lot more dynamic. In addition to the Disney and Pixar images, Apple has added dozens of new texts, posters and filters. The share button is also more prominent, which should make it easier to post your creations on a social network.

Apple has already committed to extending Clips regularly with these types of updates. That should keep the app fun to use. Keep in mind that you will need to download all stickers individually when using them for the first time. In this way, Apple keeps the format of the Clips app limited, and you only download the things you actually use.

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Download Clips from the App Store (free)

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