Apple is working on AirTag 2 (with this new feature)

Apple is working on a new generation of the AirTag, which will reportedly be released in 2025. This new feature is coming to the AirTag 2!

Apple is working on AirTag 2

In 2021, Apple introduced the AirTag, which makes it much easier to find your keys, suitcase, bicycle or even car. The location of the AirTag is almost always visible in the ‘Find My’ app, so you never have to really search for your stuff again. Apple’s tracker has had a number of updates in recent years, but they rarely brought completely new functions to the AirTag.

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It is now clear that Apple is working on a new generation of the AirTag. Previous rumors already predicted that the AirTag 2 will not appear until 2025. The usually reliable Apple expert Mark Gurman now confirms this in his newsletter. According to him, we can’t expect the next generation of the tracker until mid-2025. The biggest change: the AirTag 2 gets a function that allows it to track its location much better.

AirTag 2 function

AirTag 2 gets these new features

The AirTag has the U1 chip, which is the Ultra Wideband that ensures that the location of the tracker is displayed accurately down to the meter. The same chip can be found in the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, which makes the location of the phones visible in the ‘Find My’ app. In 2023, Apple introduced the new U2 chip, which will probably also bring an important new function to the AirTag 2.

The U2 chip enables ‘Precise Search’. This is already possible with the iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. You can easily find these devices within a radius of sixty meters thanks to the U2 chip. The AirTag 2 will probably have the same function, so you can find the AirTag in a much larger area. If the tracker is within sixty meters of your location, your iPhone will give you clear directions to find the AirTag 2.

That is a big improvement, because with the U1 chip in the AirTag it is now only ten meters. With the U2 chip this is six times as much. Within a radius of sixty meters you will see an arrow on your iPhone in the direction of the AirTag, so that you know in which direction to look. You can also see how many meters away you are from the tracker. With the current AirTag, this function is still limited, outside a radius of ten meters you only see that the tracker is ‘Far’ away from you.


Release only in 2025

The new function makes it much easier to find the AirTag 2. Very handy, because that is of course what the tracker is intended for. It is still unclear what other features will be coming to the AirTag 2. Apple may also release the tracker in different colors or sizes, so that it fits more easily in your wallet, for example. There is little clarity about this yet.

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For the time being, we still have to wait for the AirTag 2, because the device will not be released until 2025. According to Gurman, we can expect the second generation of the AirTag halfway through next year. The first generation AirTag was released in April 2021, so it is quite possible that the AirTag 2 will be released in the same month. Don’t want to wait that long for the new version? Then view the best prices of the AirTag here!

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