Apple launches new trial version of Safari – try it now

Apple has released a new trial version of Safari for macOS! We tell you how to get the new version of Safari and what has changed.

New version of Safari for macOS

Apple has now unveiled macOS Sonoma, the latest version of macOS. The update finally brings widgets to your Mac and introduces a new Game Mode. Apple’s own browser has also received a major update in macOS 14. For example, the new version of Safari works a lot faster in macOS Sonoma and the browser has been expanded with a number of new functions.

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It will be a while before macOS Sonoma appears, the update will only come to your Mac this fall. The public beta of macOS 14 has already been launched, with which you can get started with the new version of Safari. Don’t want to install the test version of macOS on your laptop? Then there is good news, because the new update for Safari can now also be downloaded on macOS Ventura and Monterey.

macOS sonoma safari

Safari 17: safer and more privacy

Apple has improved the security and privacy of the browser in the new version of Safari. For example, in Safari 17 it is possible to hide your IP address, making it much more difficult for websites to track your activity. In the new version of the web browser you can also protect the tabs in private mode with Face ID or Touch ID. You can then be sure that these pages will not be opened just like that.

Do you use your Mac for both work and private life? Apple is introducing a useful function for this with the new version of Safari 17, because you can then create multiple profiles in the browser. Each profile has its own favourites, tabs and a separate history. This makes it easier to keep work and private life separate and everyone can browse through their own profile.

macOS Sonoma safari

This is how you install the new trial version of Safari

The new trial version of Safari is now also available for macOS Ventura and Monterey. So you no longer need to install the trial version of macOS Sonoma on your Mac to try out all the new features of Safari. Want to try out the new version of Safari? Then log in to the website with your Apple ID Apple Beta Software Program. You can then install the beta of Safari 17 for free.

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Please note, because the test version of Safari will then become your new browser. Often public betas from Apple already work very well, but of course it is not yet the official version. As a result, there may still be errors in the software. Therefore, there is a chance that some functions or websites may not work perfectly yet. The final version of Safari 17 will take a while, it won’t be released until this fall.

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