Apple Maps finally has cycling routes in the Netherlands: this is how it works

Do you often take the bike? Then we have good news, because Apple has finally added cycling routes to Maps in the Netherlands! That is how it works.

Cycling routes available in the Netherlands

It took a long time, but Apple has finally added cycling routes to Maps in the Netherlands. Apple introduced the function years ago with iOS 14, but never brought the bicycle navigation to the Netherlands. Cycling routes previously became available in Belgium, but in the Netherlands we still had to wait. That wait is now rewarded, because the cycle routes in the Netherlands can finally be used.

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Apple previously also released the function in countries such as Australia, France, Germany, the United States and cities such as Barcelona and London. Now we can also use Maps in the Netherlands when we take our bike. It took Apple some time to register all cycle paths, but the function was rolled out in one go in the Netherlands. We will tell you how to use the new feature of Maps.

Apple Maps finally has cycling routes in the Netherlands: this is how it works

This is how you use cycle routes

Where you previously had to use Google Maps, you can now also activate Apple Maps to plan cycling routes in the Netherlands. If you don’t have a car at all, you can also select the bicycle as your standard means of transport. This way you can be sure that you will immediately see the cycling routes when you enter a new destination. Are you about to leave? Then you activate cycling routes in the following way:

  1. Open Maps on your iPhone;

  2. Add a destination and tap the car;

  3. When choosing means of transport, choose the bicycle;

  4. Finally, tap ‘Start’ to start the cycling route.

With cycling routes in Maps you can see the height of a ride and which roads in the Netherlands are very busy at that time. This way you can choose the route with the fewest hills and avoid busy roads. You can also add a public toilet, stopping point or bicycle repair shop to your cycling route. Is an intersection not suitable for cyclists? You will then receive a message in Maps to get off and walk at certain intersections. This way you won’t be faced with any surprises.

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Cycling routes immediately available

The cycling routes in Maps are immediately available throughout the Netherlands. You do not need to install an update, you can use the function immediately. Once you have started a cycling route on your iPhone, the directions are also visible on your Apple Watch. From now on you no longer have to take your iPhone with you if you want to view the route while cycling. Very safe, and you avoid unnecessary fines.

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We had to wait a long time in the Netherlands for cycling routes in Maps, but that is not surprising. The Netherlands has a lot of cycle paths, so it took Apple some time to register them all. With the feature, Maps is finally a full-fledged alternative to Google Maps. As a cyclist you no longer need another app, because cycle routes can finally be used in the largest cycling country in the world.

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