Apple Maps gets a new feature in iOS 18: this is what changes

iOS 18 brings big changes to your iPhone, with Apple Maps also getting a handy new feature. This is changing!

iOS 18 will be a huge update

Apple announced WWDC 2024 yesterday, meaning we finally know when iOS 18 will be unveiled. This year, iOS 17.4 brought major changes to your iPhone, so you can now install apps that are not in Apple’s App Store. Many more new features are coming with iOS 18, because Apple is working on useful AI features. Maps will also be adjusted in iOS 18.

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Currently, Maps only allows you to choose routes selected by Apple. You are often given the choice between two options, which do not make much difference when it comes to the arrival time. Do you want to stop more often during the route? Then you can manually add multiple destinations. There will soon be another function, because in iOS 18 you can also create routes yourself in Maps.

Apple Maps gets a new feature in iOS 18: this is what changes

Create your own routes in Maps

A code has appeared in Maps called ‘CustomRouteCreation‘, which probably indicates a new feature in iOS 18. As the name suggests, you will soon be able to enter routes yourself in Apple’s navigation app. In iOS 18 you are no longer dependent on the directions that are automatically drawn up when you enter a destination in Maps.

Instead, you can also choose to create your own route. This is especially useful if, for example, you are on holiday and want to take a certain road to visit the sights. Or if in your daily life you prefer to take a different route to work than have Apple Maps sort it out for you. In iOS 18 you get a little more freedom when choosing your route in Maps.

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This is when Apple unveils iOS 18

Apple unveils the new iOS version every year at WWDC, a special event the company hosts to announce the biggest software updates. This year’s WWDC kicks off June 10th. So put that date in your calendar, because iOS 18 will be announced then. That day we will also know more about the new features that Maps will get in iOS 18.

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Maps is not the only app that Apple is overhauling in iOS 18, because Messages, Photos and Apple Music are also being adjusted. We will probably see new AI functions in almost all Apple apps. According to rumors, iOS 18 will therefore be the biggest update for your iPhone ever. Are you curious about all the changes in iOS 18? Then read more about all the new features here!

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