Apple Pay, HomeKit and more: you can do all this with the nfc chip in your iPhone

What can you do with nfc on your iPhone? From paying, identifying your car, and unlocking your car: in this article we list six practical examples of wireless technology.

iPhone and nfc: 6 wireless examples in a row

Pay wirelessly, check in at the tram or identify yourself. It’s all possible thanks to nfc, short for near field communication. This wireless technology exchanges data at a short distance. Nfc is becoming increasingly popular and since the iPhone 6, Apple has put such a chip in all iPhones.

Your iPhone’s NFC chip is located near the rear camera (s). To use the options below, you must hold the device with the back towards the NFC reader. If it doesn’t work, it is best to take the protective cover off your iPhone for a while. A thick case can hinder the operation of nfc.

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1. Pay with Apple Pay

The most famous application of nfc on your iPhone is without a doubt Apple Pay. Thanks to Apple’s payment service, you can pay both offline and online with your phone, Apple Watch and Mac. When you are at the checkout, simply tap the side button of your iPhone twice to then hold the device close to the ATM. Then you confirm the payment with Face ID or Touch ID, and you’re done.

2. Nfc makes your home smart

Nfc tags are ideal for people automating their lives with HomeKit. These small stickers can, for example, immediately after returning home set your heating to the ideal temperature, switch on the TV and switch on the lights. All you have to do is hold your iPhone to the nfc tag. Don’t forget to link the tag in advance. You can read how to do this in the article below.

3. Authenticate with DigiD

DigiD is your digital proof of identity. You use the iOS app to identify yourself with, for example, health insurers and government services. It is also possible to scan your passport, identity card or driving license with DigiD. The nfc chip in your phone is used for this. Read the article below for a comprehensive guide.

4. Nfc in public transport, but not in the Netherlands

Train travel with nothing more than your iPhone: in theory it is possible, but not in the Netherlands. In some places abroad you can check in and out at the bus, train and tram with your phone. For example, are you going on vacation to London? There, the iPhone (with valid ticket) is a legal ticket. Check the official Apple website for an overview of all places where your iPhone works in public transport.

5. Admission ticket

Are you going to a trade fair or conference soon? Some locations already work with NFC tickets, so all you have to do is hold your iPhone up to the scanner for a moment to gain access. Large (international) events and trade fairs in particular are experimenting with this method of access to avoid long queues.

6. The future: driving away without keys

Apple believes in nfc. CarKey, a function in iOS 14 that lets you unlock your car via your iPhone, uses wireless technology, for example. For the time being, however, this is of little use to most car owners, because only recent models from certain manufacturers are equipped with the necessary technology. Check out the article below for an introduction to Apple’s digital car keys.

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