Apple Users Are Replacing Their iPhone Way Too Quickly (Here’s Why)

When do you think it’s time to replace your iPhone? A year? Maybe two? This is when other Apple users redeem their smartphone!

Replacing iPhone: This is when Apple users do

An iPhone can last quite a few years. Apple usually keeps iPhones with the latest version of iOS for about five to six years. It is not over after that, because older Apple smartphones often receive security updates for longer.

Apple Users Are Replacing Their iPhone Way Too Quickly (Here’s Why)

Yet about three-quarters of iPhones last less than three years for most people. In the 18-24 and 35-44 age group, 13 percent already have another iPhone within one year. Remarkably enough, in the group 65 years and older, about 65 percent of the iPhones are three years or older. The company comes to these (and more) conclusions CIRP (Consume Intelligence Research Partners).

It also turned out that 45 percent of Apple owners between the ages of 18 and 24 have had their iPhone for less than two years. In any case, a large proportion of 18-54 year-olds are all prepared to replace their iPhone within two years.

Reasons to switch to a new iPhone

CIRP also concludes that young people find the (sometimes minor) upgrades with a new iPhone reason enough to replace their device. Older people have that much less.

Despite the fact that the elderly often have more disposable income, young people are more willing to replace their iPhone. They also know that a more recent iPhone has a higher resale value. They can use this to (partially) finance their new purchase.

iphone 14 (plus) colors

Do you want to replace your current iPhone?

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