Apple’s AI Is Getting Better Than ChatGPT (And Here’s Why)

Apple is working hard on their implementation of artificial intelligence. This is why Apple’s AI will soon be better than ChatGPT.

Apple’s AI Is Getting Better Than ChatGPT (And Here’s Why)

The fact that Apple is also working hard on AI is only better. According to a new report, this would make Siri a lot better, but Apple obviously wants more. Tim Cook will probably provide more information about Apple’s AI and the direction they want to go during the next WWDC. But in one research report Apple is now releasing some more information about their future plans with AI.


Apple calls it ReALM (Reference Resolution As Language Modeling). Apple showed how they plan to use AI. In one example, Siri was asked to display a list of pharmacies. You can then ask to call a pharmacy in a specific street from this list.

iOS 18 Siri

With this, the voice assistant showed that the relationship between different commands was understood. The assistant could also ‘see’ what was currently on the screen. This will allow you to use Siri more naturally, just as if you were having a conversation with another person.

According to several tests, Apple’s AI ReALM is more accurate than ChatGPT-3.5. Compared to ChatGPT-4, Apple’s AI required less computing power. For models with a larger underlying database, Apple’s AI was even a lot better than GPT-4.

Apple Intel acquisition

The document also suggests that Apple plans to use the AI ​​locally on the iPhone. The reason given was data protection and efficiency. Taking the cloud out of the equation would also make the AI ​​more responsive.

Just waiting for WWDC

Whether Apple will indeed reveal more about Siri and AI remains to be seen. But it seems that Apple will show everyone its first steps into the world of artificial intelligence during WWDC in June. These innovations will probably be rolled out with iOS 18. WWDC 2024 is over Monday, June 10, 7:00 PM (Dutch time).

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