Arc Search for iPhone is your browser, search engine and AI chatbot in one

With Arc Search you have a browser, search engine and AI chatbot in one app. This is why you need to install the new browser on your iPhone.

Arc Search for iPhone

A new browser has recently become available for your iPhone and Mac, because Arc Search can now be installed. The browser combines various functions, so that your browser, search engine and AI chatbot can be found in one app. Arc was already available on the Mac, but a special app has now also been developed for your iPhone. That app is a lot more extensive than Safari currently is.

An AI chatbot has been added to Arc Search, which answers all your searches. That is not the only advantage, because the browser is equipped with an ad blocker as standard. This means you won’t be bothered by annoying advertisements without having to install an external app. We will tell you what the other advantages are of the new browser for your iPhone.

Arc Search for iPhone is your browser, search engine and AI chatbot in one

AI chatbot in Arc

Arc Search puts an end to long searches on Google. Instead, the AI ​​chatbot in the browser answers all your questions. To do this, simply ask a question in the search bar and then tap ‘Browse for me’. Arc then collects all the data to fulfill the search query and forms a kind of personal web page with relevant information.

The difference with chatbots such as ChatGPT is that you can also ask Arc questions about current events. After all, the browser collects information from news sites and other current sources, so you get (little to) no outdated data. For example, you can ask a question about the latest (Apple) news, and Arc Search will provide a list of the most important and recent developments.

arc search ai

More features for Safari in iOS 18

Arc Search gives us an idea of ​​features that may come to other browsers in the future. In the app you can also adjust how websites look, so that you can arrange the browser according to your own preferences. A disadvantage of Arc Search is that not all information is accurate, so it is wise to check certain data again. That is a recurring problem with artificial intelligence.

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It is expected that Safari will receive similar functions, because Apple includes many AI functions in iOS 18. As a result, several apps will receive a major update, such as Messages, Photos and Apple Music. Safari may also be expanded with artificial intelligence, so you no longer have to search for answers to specific questions yourself. Read here what we know so far about iOS 18, possibly the biggest iPhone update in years!

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