Are you going on vacation? Then buy an AirTag (here’s why)

Are you going on a trip soon? An AirTag cannot be missed during your holiday. We tell you why you should buy one and where the tracker is the cheapest!

Taking AirTag on vacation

The summer period has arrived and summer holidays have officially started in part of the Netherlands. For many Dutch and Belgians, this is the time to travel abroad.

Are you going on a trip? Then an AirTag cannot be missed. This way you always know where your suitcases, keys or papers are when you are on vacation. Very handy, especially if you have lost something during your trip.

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You can always see the location of the AirTag in the Find My app on all your Apple devices. If you put the AirTag in your suitcase before your holiday, you can see at a glance where it is and you can be sure that your suitcase is on the right flight.

Did you attach the AirTag to your keys or put it in your wallet, but can’t find it? Then play a sound, so that you can find all the stuff again in no time.


Track your luggage with an AirTag

One of the most annoying things that can happen is losing your luggage or your passport. Due to all the chaos with the suitcases at Schiphol, and many other airports in Europe last year, travelers wanted to keep a closer eye on their luggage.

The AirTag offers a solution: during your holiday you can easily find the location of your suitcase on the map. Not only useful if your suitcase is lost, but also if you are waiting at the baggage carousel at the airport.

It is important for your holiday to set up the AirTag properly. As soon as you have removed the plastic foil around the AirTag, you will automatically receive a notification to connect the tracker to your iPhone. You must have Bluetooth enabled on your device. After connecting, give the AirTag a clear name, usually that is the object to which you attach the transmitter. You can then find the location in the Find My app under ‘Objects’.

AirTag vacation

Buy AirTag? Here it is cheapest

The AirTag is almost indispensable when you go on holiday, but it is also very useful after your trip. When you’re back home you can attach the tracker to your keys, for example, so you never have to look for them again. Or you hide the AirTag in your bike or car, so that you can always keep an eye on the location. That way, an AirTag is always useful, even when you’re not travelling.

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If you are planning to go on holiday soon, it is smart to buy an Apple AirTag now. This way you can be sure that you have received the tracker before your trip. Be sure to check the AirTag price comparison, so that you are sure that you are not going to pay too much for the tracker!

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