Automatic maintenance on Samsung smartphone

device maintenance(1)

Samsung provides its devices with a handy maintenance function, which can be found in the Settings app.

Samsung devices have a handy maintenance function. It cleans up unnecessary files, closes apps that are holding memory, and performs more maintenance tasks. Use Device Maintenance (Android 7 and 8)/Smart Manager (Android 6) regularly. For example, once a week.

  • Tap on All apps or swipe the screen down.
  • Tap on Institutions.
  • Tap on Device maintenance.
  • The phone/tablet is being scanned. The function checks the condition of the device. This results in a rating in the form of a number: xx/100. Tap on Solve now or Optimize now. If the score is 100, no button will appear because the device is already optimal.
  • Device maintenance will now get to work. It cleans up unnecessary files and monitors battery consumption. Sometimes recommendations appear. You can follow or ignore them. That’s up to you. We received a recommendation to enable virus scanning. We did that by pressing the button Switch > Agree to tap.
  • Tap on Ready.

When everything is complete, the score ‘100 Excellent!’ will appear. with the text “Your device is optimized.”

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