Battery problems iPhone 14 Pro: battery deteriorates much too quickly

According to users, the battery of the iPhone 14 Pro wears out too quickly, so that the battery condition deteriorates within a short period of time. This is what’s going on.

Battery problems iPhone 14 Pro

Do you have problems with the battery of your iPhone 14 Pro? Then you are not alone, because many users with an iPhone 14 Pro complain about the battery. According to these complaints, the battery deteriorates very quickly, so that the battery condition of the iPhone is soon no longer at 100 percent. This is said to happen (much) faster with the iPhone 14 Pro than with other iPhones.

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For example, users complain that the battery condition of the iPhone 14 Pro has already dropped by 10 percent or more after a year. As a result, the battery of the iPhone 14 Pro only has a maximum capacity of between 80 and 90 percent. That is much faster than expected, because the battery of the iPhone should usually only fall below 80 percent after more than two years. Is the battery really that bad?

iPhone battery

This is how you view the battery condition on your iPhone

You can see the maximum capacity of your battery in the settings of your iPhone. There, go to ‘Battery > Battery health and charging’ to see the state of your battery. It is not clear why the battery of the iPhone 14 Pro deteriorates so quickly, this may be related to new functions of the phone. For example, the always-on display requires more energy and the A16 Bionic chip also requires more from the battery.

According to Apple you must be able to charge the iPhone at least 500 times before the battery condition drops below 80 percent. In practice, you can therefore charge the iPhone daily for more than 2 years, without the battery of your iPhone deteriorating enormously. With the iPhone 14 Pro, the battery therefore deteriorates a lot faster. Apple has not yet commented on the poor battery condition of the iPhone 14 Pro.

How much does it cost to replace a battery with an iPhone

If the battery of your iPhone 14 Pro has already dipped below 80 percent, it is advisable to have it replaced as soon as possible. Apple puts a new battery in your iPhone free of charge if the battery condition is lower than 80 percent within a year. Do you have Apple Care Plus? Then this period is twice as long. So be sure to check the purchase date of your iPhone, because you may get a new battery for free.

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That can save a lot of money, because Apple announced early this year that the cost of a new battery would increase. Since March 1, you pay 79 euros for a new battery of an iPhone SE, iPhone 8 or older model. With an iPhone X or newer, you have to pay 99 euros for a new battery since March 1. So you spend 24 euros more for a replacement battery than last year.

Charge iPhone faster

This way, the battery of your iPhone 14 Pro will last longer

Does the battery of your iPhone 14 Pro run out quickly? And has the battery condition deteriorated significantly? There are several ways to make your iPhone last longer without replacing your battery. For example, you can turn on the energy saving and it is smart to close all apps that run in the background. Read all our iPhone tips here to help your battery last a little longer!

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