Best gadgets for under € 50

Gadgets come in all shapes and sizes, but they become that much more fun when they can be purchased at a low price. That is why we have made a list of the nicest and best gadgets for under € 50.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

We now know that Xiaomi is known for high-quality products with a very reasonable price. However, they confirm this thought once again by releasing the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. This smartband measures your distances, calorie consumption, heart rate, your sleeping rhythm and your speed and steps. This smart band thus gives you a complete overview of all health processes during your day. This gadget costs € 33.95

Playstation LED lamps

Are you a real Playstation fan? Then you probably already have the latest Playstation 5 in your living room or game room. To add some extra atmosphere, you can add this one there Playstation LED lamps put down. These atmospheric lamps are ideal for any avid gamer. These hip lamps cost € 25.18.

Crystal Crown Keycaps

Fancy a DIY project during this lockdown? Then pimp your keyboard! With this keys from Crystal Crown your keyboard will soon look unique and futuristic. Especially for those who have built-in backlighting in their keyboard. The top just shows the letter as you are used to, but the bottom part of the key is transparent, which offers all kinds of new design possibilities! You will receive a handy key remover with this set, so that the hassle is kept to a minimum. You can buy this set of keys for € 16.78

RGB PC Panel

If you’re still customizing your PC, why not take it a step further and get the RGB PC Panel to install? With this panel you can program all kinds of systems yourself and the possibilities become endless. The four buttons on the panel can of course be turned left and right, but can also be pressed for additional programmed functions. You can use this panel as a volume control, as a device to adjust your audio settings, to skip or rewind songs on Spotify, or to switch between devices. A lot of multifunctional things in one small box that you buy for $ 49.99 or € 40.96.

Huion H610 Pro V2 drawing tablet

Are you creative and do you enjoy working with Photoshop or Indesign? Then this drawing tablet might be the affordable solution for you! Whether you like graphic design or animation, with the many added functionalities of the Huion H610 Pro V2 you come a long way. This drawing tablet is equipped with a scroll and zoom wheel with which you can easily view your design accurately. In addition, this tablet makes various tools easily accessible through the 16 built-in touch buttons that you can link to a desired tool. This drawing tablet costs € 41.96.


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