Beware: Apple provides more tips against spam in Messages on your iPhone

Do you regularly receive unwanted text messages? Apple provides some handy tips to recognize spam in Messages on the iPhone, here they are!

Spam via Messages

Be careful if you often receive strange messages on your iPhone, because according to Apple, more and more spam is being sent in the form of SMS. Scammers regularly try to obtain the usernames and passwords of Apple ID accounts via Apple’s Messages app. Text messages refer to a fake iCloud website, where users enter their data. This is very dangerous, because with this data they gain access to all your files and contacts.

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It is therefore important to pay close attention when opening suspicious messages on your iPhone. Do you receive a text message from a contact you do not know? Or from an unknown number? Then there is a chance that it is a spam message on your iPhone. Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult to see the difference between authentic messages and spam messages. Apple has therefore published a number of useful tips.


Tips against spam messages on the iPhone

It’s important to note that Apple never asks users to enter login credentials or two-factor authentication on third-party websites. Furthermore, the company never asks you to disable these features, especially not via text message. Not sure if a message on your iPhone is spam? Check out these tips from Apple to help you spot messages from scammers:

  1. Never share personal data such as passwords or security codes and do not enter them on unknown, external websites;
  2. Protect your Apple ID with two-factor authentication and do not share the account password with anyone, Apple Support will never ask for this information;
  3. Never use Apple Gift Cards to pay other people;
  4. Check the emails that you get from Apple (such as the App Store or iTunes) so that you can recognize fake emails;
  5. Keep your iPhone protected with features such as Security Check;
  6. Download software only from reliable sources;
  7. Do not open links or files in messages from unknown senders;
  8. Do not answer suspicious phone calls or messages that appear to come from Apple, but contact Apple via customer service.

Scammers often use different strategies to steal information. They often want to give users a sense of urgency, for example by saying that there has been a data breach or that debts have been accumulated. They then ask for login details via Messages on the iPhone, but in reality this is spam. So always be careful and only contact Apple via their own customer service.

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More tips from Apple

Apple also warns against downloading unknown and unsafe software. This often appears on websites as a pop-up, or is sent to your iPhone via spam in the form of messages. Do you suddenly receive a notification in Safari? Or a text message in the Messages app to download a file? According to Apple, it is better to close the entire tab and delete the conversation. This way you can be sure that you do not open malicious software on your iPhone.

Want to learn more about detecting spam (in messages) on your iPhone? Apple has a list of tips here to recognize phishing emails, fake phone calls and other forms of fraud. Are you contacting Apple and are you unsure whether you are dealing with scammers? Check out then here is a list with all the data that Apple Support has in any case never will ask you to do so that you can be sure that you are not sharing important information!

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