Beware: Dangerous malware for macOS is now being distributed via Telegram

Lately there have been more and more warnings about dangerous malware targeting macOS. The malicious software is now even distributed via Telegram.

Dangerous malware for Mac is on the rise

Apple’s macOS is known as a secure digital environment, but lately there have been increasing warnings about dangerous malware targeting the Mac. Malware is a self-executing code that is placed on your device without you even realizing it. The word is a combination of malicious and software and thus means malicious software.

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Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs (CRIL), which specializes in protecting digital environments, has now found new malware focused on macOS. The new malware, called Atomic macOS Stealer (AMOS), is designed to steal sensitive information from your Mac. CRIL has further discovered that this malware is distributed via Telegram.

Beware: Dangerous malware for macOS is now being distributed via Telegram

MacOS malware aimed at stealing sensitive information

AMOS therefore mainly aims to steal sensitive information from your Mac. Once the malware has lodged itself in macOS, the malicious software gains access to your passwords, system information, files, and even your Mac’s password. Your cookies, wallets and digital payment cards are also at risk with the new malware for macOS.

The software can therefore cause quite a few problems and is distributed by the makers via Telegram. In certain channels, the malware for macOS can be purchased for as much as $1,000 per month. After the payment you get access to AMOS and you have the option to forward the software to someone to steal data. For example, the malware spreads relatively quickly.

selling malware macOS

This is how you protect yourself against the dangerous malware

So it is important to pay close attention when downloading unknown software on your Mac. Malware for macOS is in most cases downloaded from the Internet. It is therefore wise to download new programs mainly from the App Store. You then know for sure that it is safe software, because Apple checks all apps before they enter the App Store.

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In addition, it is advisable to always set strong passwords and, where possible, secure your account with two-step verification. In addition, make sure that your devices always have the latest software updates, as they often include security improvements. By securing your account as well as possible, malware spreads less quickly in macOS.

Finally, use common sense when opening unknown links, especially in apps like Telegram and WhatsApp. Don’t trust a certain link? Or do you have doubts about the reliability of the source? Then choose not to open the link.

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