Bluesky app is now open to everyone (but that’s too late)

You no longer need an invitation to create an account for X-alternative Bluesky. That is good news for those who want to get started, it just comes too late.

Bluesky app is now open to everyone

Bluesky is an alternative to X (formerly Twitter), which until now required an invitation code to create an account. Now there no more invitation code needed it becomes a lot easier to create an account.


At the same time, Bluesky has announced that it will soon introduce moderation labels. Posts can therefore be labeled, after which users can subscribe to those labels. For example, an organization can check posts for disinformation and then attach a label to it.

Furthermore, Bluesky wants to further open up the AT Protocol this month. The platform says otherwise The Verge that other organizations will soon be able to start Bluesky servers themselves with their own rules.

End of invitation system comes too late

Bluesky was co-founded within Twitter by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey in 2019 and spun off in 2021. Last March, a Bluesky app appeared in the App Store. The service gained more than two million users in a short time and was seen as the alternative to X.

Because of the invite system, user growth subsequently stagnated. People who looked for an alternative to X were therefore more likely to end up at Mastodon. Eventually Meta’s Threads service was added.


Now that you no longer need an invitation to create an account and the opening of the AT Protocol is imminent, Bluesky may come into the picture again. But it is certainly not inconceivable that these measures come just too late and many people have already switched to Threads or Mastodon, for example.

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