Buy a smart doorbell from eufy: 5 reasons why you should get it (ADV)

We know eufy from their excellent smart home devices and they have now presented their latest creation: the Video Doorbell E340. We give you 5 reasons why you should get this smart doorbell.

5 reasons why you should have the eufy Video Doorbell E340

eufy is a leading brand in the smart home sector. The latest smart doorbell from eufy is the Video Doorbell E340. But what makes this doorbell so special? We will explain the advantages of this doorbell to you.

In addition, you can benefit from a great promotion until December 31. With the code ACTIONSNL15 you get a 15 percent discount on the doorbell. You can now get the Video Doorbell E340 for your home 153 euros instead of 179.99 euros.

Discover the smart doorbell from eufy

1. Install it wherever you want

Because you can connect the eufy Video Doorbell E340 both wired and wirelessly, you can place it wherever you want. You connect it wirelessly to your WiFi network if you don’t have a connection at your front door. In that case, the doorbell runs on batteries, which are also included.

Place the base station near your router and use the accompanying app on your iPhone to set the doorbell the way you want. You can of course also view images in the app.

2. Also see who is at your door at night

If it is still light outside, you can see who is at your door in 2K quality. This eufy Video Doorbell E340 has an advanced dual light system. This ensures that all details are clearly visible in the app. Moreover, it is equipped with lights that automatically switch on when motion is detected.

Of course, there will also be someone at your door in the evening. You can see it clearly thanks to the night vision (in color) up to 5 meters from your door. Faces are also easy to recognize.

3. Smart dual cameras that recognize people

The eufy Video Doorbell E340 has not one, but two cameras. This gives you the most complete picture possible, because people are videotaped from head to toe. The top camera recognizes people and the bottom camera fills the hole with the ground.

Thanks to AI technology, these cameras recognize people and packages. The Package Guard function keeps an eye on whether someone is trying to take an abandoned package. The parcel deliverer can therefore safely leave a package at the door.


4. No subscription required

Some smart doorbells only work with a subscription, but the E340 from eufy does not participate in this. All videos are stored locally on the device. Images are kept for up to 60 days. These are always safe, because they are stored encrypted. This way, only you have access to the videos from your front door.

There is room for 8GB of videos. Is that full? This can then be expanded with a HomeBase S380, in which you can insert a drive of up to 16TB. You can also temporarily purchase the HomeBase at a 15 percent discount. It will then cost 322.15 euros instead of 378.99 euros.

View the eufy smart doorbell with HomeBase

5. Never miss the parcel deliverer again

The biggest advantage of a smart doorbell: as soon as someone is at your door, you will receive a notification on your iPhone. Is the parcel deliverer waiting, but you are not at home? Then you just talk to him and tell him exactly where the package can be left. And the parcel deliverer can also talk back, because communication works both ways. If you don’t feel like having an extensive conversation, use one of the 6 quick responses.

Get the eufy Video Doorbell E340 cheaply for a limited time

You can temporarily purchase the eufy Video Doorbell E340 at a very affordable price. You will receive the code until December 31st ACTIONSNL15 namely 15 percent discount. The Video Doorbell E340 does not now cost 179.99 euros, but 153 euros. This discount is also valid on the set with HomeBase and you can get it with the same code 322.15 euros at home.

Not completely convinced yet? Then just try out the smart doorbell first! At eufy you will receive your money back within 30 days if you are not satisfied. Please note: the eufy Video Doorbell E340 does not work with Apple HomeKit.

View the smart doorbell at eufy

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