Buy secure external hard drive: 6 options

Everyone owns data that is not intended for anyone else’s eyes. Think, for example, of sensitive company data, a medical file or private photos. Buying a secure external hard drive for these files is a good idea; whether they offer an extra sturdy housing or use encryption. Six examples.

WD My Book

Western Digital proves that an external hard drive with hardware encryption doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, the 4TB version costs about a hundred euros. Of course you can also consider a copy with more storage capacity. The most extensive version contains 18 TB of storage capacity and has a suggested retail price of 559.99 euros.

For security, the hard drive uses AES-256 encryption. You set your own password for this. Please note that you must connect the My Book to the mains.

Buy the WD My Book at

LaCie Rugged Secure

Looking for a robust external hard drive with hardware AES-256 encryption? Then you’re in the right place with the LaCie Rugged Secure. The rubber exterior protects the data carrier against drops, bumps, water and dust. In short, an ideal storage companion for on the go. Even when a car of a thousand kilos drives over the housing, this very strong product remains alive, according to the manufacturer.

Connect the Rugged Secure to a USB-C port and you can get started right away. Power via the mains is not necessary. This 2TB drive supports the USB and Thunderbolt data protocols. The suggested retail price of 159 euros is indeed firm, but fortunately various (web) stores have a lower sales price.

Buy the LaCie Rugged Secure at

SecureDrive BT

With the SecureDrive BT you opt for an extremely high security level. You can only unlock this external hard drive from an authorized smartphone. This is done via bluetooth. Furthermore, the product meets the strict requirements of the FIPS standard (Federal Information Processing Standards).

To encrypt data, the mobile drive uses XTS-AES-256 encryption. The cheapest version contains 500 GB of storage, but you can also consider 1, 2, 4 or 5 TB of storage capacity. There are also SSD versions of the SecureDrive BT for sale, which are (much) more expensive.

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Seagate’s Ultra Touch is an inexpensive external hard drive with hardware encryption. For the 1TB version you pay about six tens, while you will lose about eighty euros for a copy with 2 TB storage space. The housing has a fabric finish, where you can choose between a black and white color scheme.

You connect the Ultra Touch to a regular USB port and store sensitive data using AES-256 encryption. The manufacturer also supplies a USB-C adapter. This compact storage carrier does not require a power outlet.

Buy the Seagate Ultra Touch at

Apricot Aegis Padlock DT

A keypad flaunts on top of this external hard drive. Only by entering the correct code, you can access all stored data. The Aegis Padlock DT uses XTS-AES-256 encryption as its encryption method.

Under the hood, the internal components contain a layer of epoxy. According to the manufacturer, this reduces the risk of physical damage. Keep in mind a hefty purchase price. The 2TB version ticks the two hundred euros.

Naturally, more storage space is available at a higher rate, up to a maximum of 16 TB. This storage medium requires AC power.

Buy the Apricorn Aegis Padlock DT at

Verbatim Fingerprint Secure

This hard drive allows users to access the content via their fingerprint. The top contains a touch sensor for this. Software allows you to link the fingerprints of up to eight users to the Verbatim Fingerprint Secure. The administrator also gains access via a password.

Store data securely using AES-256 encryption, then take the compact drive anywhere. The Fingerprint Secure works on the basis of USB power, so you no longer need a socket. This storage carrier is available with a capacity of 1 or 2 TB.

Buy the Verbatim Fingerprint Secure at

Finally, do you want to know more about keeping your private files safe? Then we guess this Backup and Restore course at!

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