Can I receive GSM radiation and convert it into 220 V/50 Hz with the appropriate antenna?

There’s some “beaming around” these days! Since it concerns EM radiation, could you capture it and convert it to 220V/50HZ, provided the appropriate electronics are used? If so, what would such a circuit look like? (Suppose it were possible, a legal battle would first arise in our country to claim ownership of the radiation, followed immediately by a political debate that will determine the level of the tax on free energy, but that is irrelevant here. business….)

Asker: Luke, 62 years old


Dear Ludo

In principle (only in principle) this might work. But: the power that you can pick up from the air with a practically feasible antenna is really minimal. You can notice this because antennas often have to be fitted with an amplifier to boost this miniscule bit of energy to a reasonable signal before it passes through the antenna cable (otherwise there will be nothing left of it due to the losses in the antenna cable at the end). signal). If you then take into account the fact that with every conversion of energy you incur some loss (including heat), then you see that the idea is practically unrealistic.

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