Can the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (Pro) measure whether you have a fever?

Can the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (Pro) measure whether you have a fever?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series comes with a built-in temperature sensor, which at the moment cannot be used to measure your skin temperature. Samsung is expected to activate the feature via an update later.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 measuring temperature

The temperature sensor is one of the first features leaked from the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. While the so-called ‘BioActive sensor’ can indeed measure your skin temperature, there is no way to make use of the feature. It remains to wait until Samsung activates the feature with an update.

Samsung stated at Tom’s Guide that the sensor will serve to measure your temperature while sleeping. The temperature has a big influence on your sleep quality, and Samsung wants to advise you so that you can change your sleeping habits if necessary. In addition to your skin temperature, Samsung also analyzes the different phases of the sleep cycle and other important pillars.

body temperature

Earlier it was also leaked that Samsung wanted to use the function to immediately measure your body temperature based on the temperature of your skin. However, that is very difficult because many external factors influence your skin temperature, including incident sunlight on a hot summer day. This can lead to an erroneous perception of your body temperature.

If it is indeed Samsung’s intention to measure your body temperature with the sensor of the Galaxy Watch 5, then it remains to be seen whether the company will find a solution to these challenges. It is also not known when Samsung will activate the temperature sensor via an update.

Earlier we also wrote about the blood pressure measurements with the Galaxy Watch 5 series that are already active. You can also perform an EKG scan to analyze the rhythm of your heart. Furthermore, the smartwatch can also detect a fall, at least if you have set the function correctly. A physical rotating ring is not on the Galaxy Watch 5 (Pro), but it is an alternative. What do you think of the new Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro? Let us know in the comments.

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