Casio Vintage is still as trendy as it was in the eighties

Who would have thought – when Casio released their first digital wristwatch in 1974 – that this type of watch would be as popular as ever in 2020? In fact, the collection called Casio Vintage is still growing. With reissues of classic models and modern watches with a retro appearance.

Casio watches have become an indispensable part of the street scene. Casio has been leading in the development of (digital) quartz watches for more than 40 years. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in those years. And more and more advanced Casio watches are coming onto the market every day that can do almost everything. So what is the appeal of the – relatively simple – Casio Vintage watches?

The Back to the Future effect

In the 1980s, ultra-modern Casio watches were an important part of popular culture. One of the best-known examples is the calculator watch worn by Michael J. Fox in the Back to the Future film series. Partly because of these films, the CA-50 watch became a big hit. Now that the ’80s are back in fashion, the CA-53 calculator watch is the watch that completes your retro outfit.

Photo Casio CA-50 watch
▴ The original CA-50 watch in back to the future

Photo Casio CA-53 Edgy calculator watch
▴ CA-53 Edgy calculator watch

But it’s not just nostalgia why enthusiasts love these watches so much. An important Casio innovation from the eighties is still the basis of many modern watches today. The combination of a ‘normal’ dial with hands that include a digital window with additional information (‘analog-digital’ watches) was revolutionary. The watches from the AQ230 series are therefore a popular model from the Vintage collection.

Photo Casio AQ230
▴ AQ230: the basis for many modern ana-digi watches

Photo Casio Waveceptor
▴ Modern solar, radio-controlled, ana-digi Casio watch

The friendly shape of Casio Vintage watches

Another important factor in the appeal of Casio Vintage watches is their unique shape. A square with sloping corners that therefore looks friendly. This shape emerged in the 1990s with the A152 series and remains very characteristic of Casio and Casio G-Shock to this day.

Photo A700WEG-9AEF New Slim
▴ The A700WEG-9AEF New Slim has the typical Casio shape

Photo G-Shock Original watch
▴ The shape of the G-Shock Original watches are also recognizable as typical Casio

Modern-luxury versions of classic models

The name Casio Vintage may be a bit confusing. Because many people associate ‘vintage’ with second-hand. A bit musty and dusty. And these watches are anything but! Because although the watches often look exactly like the models from a few decades ago, the technology and materials used are really of today. For example, in the 1980s the case of these watches was often made of painted plastic for cost reasons and is now made of metal.

But the Casio Vintage watches are also a lot more luxurious in other details than their illustrious predecessors. With, for example, mother-of-pearl dials, modern steel mesh straps and even real diamonds for decoration, Casio takes the ‘vintage’ watch to a whole new level.

Photo Casio A1000 Iconic watch
▴ A1000 Iconic series: Mother of pearl dial and steel mesh strap

Photo Casio Vintage Mini Watch
▴ Real diamonds as decoration for this Mini watch

Casio Vintage in 2020

Whether you are a lover of retro watches, want to wear an affordable trendy watch, or have simply fallen for the unique Casio style, you will find something for everyone in the Techzle collection. The Casio Vintage collection for 2020 is divided into 4 lines: Iconic, Mini (24.6 mm), Round and Edgy. You will also find a series of extra thin ‘New Slim’ watches. View our collection online or visit one of our stores to view these unique watches in real life.

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