Cinemin: This video app makes your life look like a cartoon

Apps for your iPhone that edit photos and videos in a cartoonish way are certainly nothing new. But often they are not that good, too expensive, or even both. But not the video app Cinemin, which shows you and your surroundings as a cartoon for free!

This video app will make your life look like a cartoon

But what does that look like? That’s why we start the article directly with a video. This will quickly give you an idea of ​​what Cinemin can do!

Of Cinemamin create your free photos and videos that look like they came out of a cartoon. The app can do this in real time while filming and shooting, but you can also edit your photos and videos afterwards.

Cinemin: This video app makes your life look like a cartoon

The video app delivers surprisingly nice cartoon results, both in terms of photos and videos. Moreover, Cinemin is free and no watermark will appear in your creations. In the free version, you save photos with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and that also applies to videos (1080p).

If you want higher resolutions, go for Cinemin Premium. You can then save videos in 3K and 4K, and photos in 1620 x 1620 pixels (medium) and 2160 x 2160 pixels (large). With Premium you can choose from € 0.99 per month, € 6.99 per year, or you can purchase the app by paying € 9.99 once.

video app cartoon

Cinemin works with both cameras

You can use photo and video app Cinemin with both cameras on your iPhone. This way you not only capture your surroundings like a cartoon, but also yourself! There are many different filters available and you decide how many lines you want to see in the image. As soon as you try it, you immediately understand what we mean by that.

You can take a photo with a single tap on the button. Hold down the video app button a little longer if you want to record a real cartoon. You can also tap the screen once to go to movie mode, then you will see the effect of the chosen filters full screen. Tap the screen again to return.

video app cartoon

Cinemin was created by developer Tinrocket (founded by John Balestrieri), previously all of the award-winning apps Waterlogue and Olli made.

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