Citizen L Ambiluna – Sustainable watches with the beauty of the earth

Sustainability has long had a stuffy, boring image. Citizen proves that this idea is completely unjustified. Because the new Ambiluna watches from the Citizen L collection are first and foremost very beautiful and elegant. They are also – like all women’s watches in the Citizen L line – truly sustainably produced.

Earth, fire and air

The design of the Ambiluna watches is inspired by the four elements: earth, water, fire and air. They show the natural beauty of the earth by using materials and colors that match these elements.

Three watches are already available. A fourth (inspired by water) will be released in spring 2021.

Photo Citizen L watch
▴ Inspired by the earth

Photo Citizen L watch
▴ Inspired by fire

Photo Citizen L watch
▴ Inspired by the sky

Truly sustainable watches

With the Citizen L watch line, Citizen tries to produce watches that are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible and that respect human rights. The brand implements this commitment in all aspects of watch production: openness about product composition and CO2 emissions, digitalization of product manuals, sustainable packaging materials and the use of ethical materials.

The watches are not just a beautiful accessory. You can be assured that as little damage as possible has been caused to the earth during its production.

Lab-grown diamond

In a first for Citizen, these three new watches feature a laboratory-grown diamond on the dial at 12 o’clock.

Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical composition, hardness and clarity as natural diamonds. However, the benefits of lab-grown diamonds are great; The environmental impact is low and the diamonds do not have the safety and poor labor practices associated with mining real diamonds.

The diamonds used by Citizen L are supplied by Swarovski, which is RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council) certified.

Photo Citizen L watch

Photo Citizen L watch

Straps made of pineapple leather and recycled PET bottles

Citizen uses Piñatex® pineapple leather and Ecopet® polyester artificial leather to produce the watch straps.

Piñatex® is a sustainably produced material made from pineapple leaves. The texture of the fibers is reflected in the leather, which further expresses the connection with the earth. Ecopet® polyester fiber with extremely high wearing comfort is made from recycled PET bottles.

Photo harvest of pineapple leaves
▴ The harvest of pineapple leaves

Photo Citizen L watch
▴ Pineapple leather is strong and soft and has a beautiful structure

Super Titanium cabinets

The case of the Ambiluna watches is made of the unique Citizen Super TitaniumTM. This material is lightweight, soft on the skin and very resistant to scratches. The case design of the Ambiluna is asymmetrical, making the watch comfortable to wear and always guaranteeing a good viewing angle of the dial.

You can read more about the special Super TitaniumTM in our article “Citizen Super Titanium on Earth and in space.”

Cherry blossom rose gold

The beautiful rose gold shine of the watches is called Sakura pink. Sakura is the Japanese word for cherry blossom. A very popular theme in Japanese culture.

The color comes from the Duratect process specially developed by Citizen, with which titanium can be colored in a wide range of colors, such as silver, gold and rose gold.

Photo Citizen L watch
▴ Sakura Pink cabinet

Photo cherry blossom
▴ Sakura = cherry blossom

And of course Citizen L watches run on solar energy

And of course all Citizen L watches are Eco-Drive. The battery is charged by light energy and therefore almost never needs to be replaced.

More Citizen watches at Techzle

In addition to the Citizen L women’s watch collection, you will always find a current Citizen collection at Techzle. For example, the extensive collection of Super Titanium watches and professional diving watches in the Promaster line. Wide choice for women and men. And if you order in December 2020, you will receive a gift with many watches from us. Every reason to order quickly!

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