Clean up your Mac or MacBook with this handy tip (ADV)

Now that Apple has presented macOS Ventura, it’s useful to clean up your Mac before you switch this fall. And that works best with Mac Washing Machine X9 from Intego. That app is now extra cheap!

Why do you need Mac Washing Machine X9

Macs are generally very efficient and more or less self-maintaining. However, over time and with heavy use, they may require maintenance. You notice this when your Mac slows down or simply has enough unnecessary files.

To remove junk files and duplicates or to clean up your Mac automatically, you need Mac Washing Machine X9. Temporarily, for just a few days, you can purchase this app for €19.99 instead of €49.99. A great offer for anyone who likes a tidy Mac.

View the deal for Mac Washing Machine X9

Say goodbye to junk files

Clean up your Mac or MacBook with this handy tip (ADV)

Using your Mac creates a lot of files that are basically redundant. Whether it’s cache files you no longer need, or language files from apps for languages ​​you don’t even speak. Not only do these take up space on your hard drive, they can also slow things down.

Mac Washing Machine X9 helps you to clean your Mac. The app detects these files for you and can of course also delete them, so that your Mac works faster and more efficiently.

The app also deletes unnecessary files on your Mac. Because yes, you probably have a lot of duplicate files on your computer without noticing. They’re not backups, just duplicates that you don’t even know exist (and you definitely don’t need).

Mac Washing Machine X9 finds these unnecessary files and lets you delete them with a single click. It cleans up your Mac and gives you back disk space so you have more storage for the really important files.

Work more efficiently on a tidy Mac

Has your Mac become a real mess? Mac Washing Machine X9 can help you with that too. Thanks to a clever feature, the app can automatically organize the jungle of files on your desktop and save each file in a suitable folder.

The program also knows which apps you use the most or the least. That way you keep your Dock tidy, because of course Mac Washing Machine X9 lets you put the apps in the Dock or take them out.

Mac Washing Machine X9: now 2x cheaper than CleanMyMac

For just a few days, Mac Washing Machine X9 is now on sale for a promotional price of just $19.99 (for 1 Mac/1 year). Normally you pay € 49.99 for it.

The software is compatible with OS X 10.12 through macOS Monterey (and soon macOS Ventura) and also supports Macs with an M1 or M2 chip. Not satisfied with the performance of Mac Washing Machine X9? You can request a refund within 30 days of purchase!

By the way: for more complete protection of your Mac, you can also purchase the Intego Mac Premium bundle. In addition to Mac Washing Machine X9, it also includes a powerful antivirus (VirusBarrier), a firewall, backup solution and a parental control app. You pay € 29.99 for that.

Check out the deal for the Mac Premium bundle

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