Collector’s item: Ice Watch x Coca Cola

What do you get when two iconic brands join forces? Ice Watch x Coca Cola. Two series of cheerful watches for all Ice Watch and Coca Cola enthusiasts. Every watch is a unique collector’s item.

Iconic collection

Coca Cola is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Everyone knows the legendary colors white, black and especially Coca Cola red!

The Iconic collection is based on the environmentally friendly Ice-Solar in the Coca Cola colors and with the logo on the dial in a sparkling design.

018512 Ice Watch x Coca Cola
▴ Iconic 018512

018513 Ice Watch x Coca Cola
▴ Iconic 018513

018514 Ice Watch x Coca Cola
▴ Iconic 018514

Team collection

The Team collection is also based on the Ice-Solar, but in this case extra cheerful colors have been added to the design. The name Coca Cola in different languages ​​on the dial.

Ice Watch x Coca Cola 019620
▴ Team 019620

Ice Watch x Coca Cola 019619
▴ Team 019619

Ice Watch x Coca Cola 019618
▴ Team 019618

Happy sustainability!

This refreshing series of Ice-Solar watches is powered by an environmentally friendly solar quartz movement. The watch is lightweight, waterproof and comes in special packaging made from recycled (Coca Cola) PET bottles.

Ice-Solar watches
▴ Lightweight Ice-Solar watches in cheerful colors

Ice Watch Fleece Pouch
▴ Fleece Pouch

More Ice Watch at Techzle

In addition to the Ice-Solar collection, the Techzle collection also includes the classic Ice-Watch Silicone watches, other special editions such as the Pierre Leclerq Ice-Watch and an extensive line of watches for children and young teenagers. Nice as a gift, for example during Sinterklaas or Christmas.

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