Connect AirPods to Google Chromecast: this is how you do it

Do you want to watch your television in complete silence? Or is there a lot of noise in your area? Then it is useful to connect your AirPods to the Google Chromecast. That’s how you do that!

This is how Google Chromecast works

The Google Chromecast is now indispensable if you regularly watch series and films, but still have an ‘old’ television. With the external device you can watch Netflix, Videoland and other streaming services on your television, without your television having to be connected to the internet. This way you can transform any television into a smart TV, without having to buy the latest model.

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The big advantage of Google Chromecast is of course that you are no longer dependent on the small screen of your iPhone (or iPad). Instead, you watch series and films on the large television screen. Unfortunately, you are more likely to be bothered by ambient noise, which means you sometimes have to turn up the television undesirably. Or you have to turn the television down because you are bothering others. In that case, it is useful to connect your AirPods to Google Chromecast.

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Listen to Chromecast via AirPods

Do you want to connect your AirPods to Google Chromecast? For this you need the Chromecast with Google TV, which is the newer white version of the device with remote control. This version is equipped with Bluetooth, which is of course necessary to connect your AirPods to the device. Do you have the correct version of Chromecast? Then pairing your AirPods goes as follows:

  1. Press the home button on the remote control;

  2. On the Chromecast home screen, go to ‘Settings’;

  3. Choose ‘Bluetooth’;

  4. Press ‘Pair remote control or accessory’;

  5. Open the charging case of the AirPods and press and hold the button on the back;

  6. Select your AirPods as soon as they appear on your Chromecast;

  7. Finally, choose ‘Link’.

To connect the AirPods to the Chromecast, the earphones must be in the charging case. Can’t connect? Then make sure you press and hold the button on the charging case until the Chromecast indicates that it has finished pairing. You can then watch the series and films on your television, while hearing the sound through your earphones.


Use AirPods with Chromecast

You can of course also connect your AirPods via the Bluetooth of your television, but many older models are not equipped with Bluetooth. With Chromecast you can also provide older televisions with Bluetooth, so you can also connect external speakers to the device. Would you rather watch television in peace? Then the AirPods are a good option.

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Are you bothered by ambient noise and do you use AirPods Pro (2)? Then switch on noise reduction so that you no longer hear disturbing sounds. This way you can hear the sound of the television even better and annoying background noise is filtered out. Very useful if you live along a busy road or if your neighbors are renovating.

For this you need the AirPods Pro with your Chromecast. Are you still looking for new earphones? View the best prices of the AirPods Pro in our price comparator, so you never pay too much!

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