Cool: this MagSafe iPhone holder for your car prevents overheating

With this smartphone holder you can wirelessly charge your iPhone in your car with MagSafe. But this magnetic car holder for the ventilation grille has something extra: it also keeps your smartphone cool so that it cannot overheat.

MagSafe iPhone holder for your car (with extras)

Wirelessly charging your iPhone with MagSafe in your car is super handy: you place the device on the magnetic disk and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. No fiddling with cables and your iPhone is also securely attached.

esr halolock magsafe iphone car

However, there is a disadvantage, because your iPhone gets quite warm when you charge it wirelessly with MagSafe. Moreover, you often use a navigation app in the car such as Apple Maps (Google Maps is also allowed) and the GPS of your iPhone is working overtime. Combine this with the sun shining directly on your iPhone screen and your device is going to take a beating.

Keep your iPhone cool in the car (and avoid overheating)

However, there is also a solution for that. The ESR Halolock iPhone holder with MagSafe has something special. Thanks to MagSafe you can not only charge your iPhone wirelessly, it also keeps your iPhone extra cool and prevents overheating. This ESR Halolock contains a fan and the charger is made of ‘heat-dissipating components’ that ensure that your iPhone does not get too hot.

Securely clamp car holder with extra foot

You insert the holder into one of the ventilation grilles and clamp it in that way. You don’t have to worry about it folding over (an iPhone 13 Pro Max is secretly quite heavy), because with an extra foot for stability, it stays neatly in place. Furthermore, the MagSafe plate of this iPhone holder for your car is mounted on a ball joint. This allows you to set it in all directions.

Now you might think “Why does my iPhone need to be cooled, if I have air conditioning in my car”. First, the MagSafe ring in your iPhone is cooled instantly with this holder. But ministers are just as important: when it gets colder again and you turn on the car heating, your iPhone won’t get nearly as hot thanks to the built-in fan of this holder.

mag safe

Faster charging thanks to the cooling

According to the manufacturer, this car holder with MagSafe can charge the iPhone faster during use than any other MagSafe device due to the extra cooling. Keep in mind that you need a car charger that can deliver at least 20 watts to be able to use the MagSafe charger optimally.

You should also make sure that your iPhone case has MagSafe support so that your iPhone stays in place. Otherwise, you must first remove the case from your device. The ESR HaloLock with CryoBoost costs 44.90 euros and you get a USB cable included.

Check out the ESR HaloLock with CryoBoost at

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