Countdown to the iPhone 15 event – ​​Apple starts countdown

The countdown has begun! The iPhone 15 event is less than a week away. Apple has already started a live countdown, watch it here!

Apple will unveil the iPhone 15 soon

In a week’s time, the Wonderlust event will finally take place. During this event, Apple will unveil a series of new products, most likely including the iPhone 15. Four new iPhones will be released, just like last year. Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max (or the Ultra).

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In addition, Apple will also present a new watch on Tuesday, this year it is the turn of the Apple Watch Series 9. And that is probably not the only Apple Watch that will be released this year, because there will also be a new Apple Watch Ultra. Reason enough to look forward to the iPhone 15 event, which is why Apple has already started the countdown on YouTube. The live stream can be found below:

New AirPods are also on the way

This is also the livestream of the event itself, so via this link you can follow the announcement of the iPhone 15 live on Tuesday at 7 p.m. In addition to the new iPhone and the Apple Watch Series 9, Apple is also expected to unveil new AirPods. These are probably not completely new earphones, but AirPods Pro with a new case. This has a USB-C connection.

It is still unclear whether the AirPods 4 will also appear during the iPhone 15 event. The new generation of regular earphones is expected this year, because it has been two years since Apple released the AirPods 3. There is therefore a chance that the AirPods 4 will also be unveiled during the Wonderlust event, but Apple can also save the earphones for the fall.

iPhone 15

Apple releases six (!) major updates

Apple is presenting a considerable number of new products during the iPhone 15 event. At Apple, these new devices are accompanied by a series of major software updates every year. These updates usually appear spread over a period of time. This year, Apple is taking a different approach, as all major updates will reportedly appear on the same day.

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This allows you to update as many as six different Apple devices in one day. Are you curious on which devices you can install a new software update after the iPhone 15 event? We will tell you here which updates you can expect and when you can install them!

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