Creating profiles in Safari: this is how it works on your iPhone with iOS 17

From iOS 17 it is possible to create profiles in Safari. This allows you to keep work and private life better separated. That is how it works!

New features for Safari in iOS 17

Safari has gained quite a few features in iOS 17. From iOS 17 it is possible to have websites read aloud and you can finally secure incognito tabs with Touch ID or Face ID. Security is an important theme with Safari in iOS 17, because it is now also possible to hide your IP address. This means you are less likely to be followed online by advertisers, for example.

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Do you share an iPad or Mac(Book) with your family? Or do you use your iPhone for both work and private use? iOS 17 brings a handy feature to Safari, because you can create multiple profiles in the browser. This way you can more easily keep your work life separate from your private life, or everyone in your family can browse through their own profile. That is how it works!

safari profile

Create profiles in Safari

Creating profiles in Safari has several advantages. Each profile has its own favorites, tabs and a separate history. You can use each profile for a different purpose, so it is possible to set up a separate profile for work and private life if you do not have a work phone. This way you can be sure that your search history and bookmarks do not get mixed up.

Switching between profiles is done in Safari itself, but to create profiles you must go to the settings of your iPhone. This is how you create a profile in Safari in iOS 17:

  1. Open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone;

  2. Go to ‘Safari’;

  3. Scroll to ‘Profiles’;

  4. Tap ‘New Profile’ to add a profile;

  5. Give the profile the correct name and select a symbol;

  6. Choose what color the background of the profile will be;

  7. Finally, tap ‘Done’.

Once you have created the profiles, you can determine which profile you use in Safari. Do you want to switch between the profiles? Then go to Safari and tap on the two squares at the bottom right of the screen. If you then go to the symbol at the bottom of the screen, select which mode you want to use under ‘Profile’. Also nice: you can determine the background of Safari yourself per profile.

safari profile

Want to know more about iOS 17?

The surfing behavior of all profiles is kept separate, including cookies and website data. Useful, for example, when booking a holiday. By creating a new profile you prevent websites from having already stored your data and charging higher prices. Switching between profiles is done manually in iOS 17, so don’t forget to switch to the correct profile when you open Safari.

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Safari has received many new features in iOS 17. Do you want to know more about iOS 17? Then check here whether all the new features work on your iPhone, because unfortunately some features are not available on older models. Read all about this year’s major iOS update here so you don’t miss a single feature!

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