Danish Design Nostalgi 1988 for the woman of 2021

In recent years, many major watch brands have liked to look back on their illustrious past with reissues of iconic models. Strangely enough, we don’t often see watches from the eighties, because the eighties are HOT. Danish Design is the exception, because 1988 is precisely the year that Danish Design was founded. This is celebrated with a reinterpretation of the very first Danish Design watch.

With the new Nostalgi 1988, Danish Design celebrates its rich past. At the time, the brand was the first to bring Scandinavian design watches to the market. The 1988 model has been updated for 2021, making it the perfect combination of the style of the ’80s with a modern edge and technology.

Danish Design Nostalgi 1988 watch
▴ IV99Q1288

Danish Design Nostalgi 1988 watch
▴ IV98Q1288

The Nostalgi 1988 fits perfectly into today’s fashion image. Self-confident and minimalist, but Insta-worthy. A modern watch for the woman of 2021 with a trendy 8ies vibe.

Then and now

Characteristic of these watches was and is the minimalist appearance. The self-tinting glass edge and a light sunray dial, which has a subtle reflection, give the watch a luxurious look. The gold-colored hands look even more beautiful.

Curious what the original watches from 1988 looked like? Below you see three examples.

Danish Design watch from 1988

Danish Design watch from 1988

Danish Design watch from 1988

In 2021, the entire design was updated and a gold-colored DD logo was added to the dial and crown. That update has also been implemented at the band; There are models with a leather strap – just like in 1988 – but also with a trendy link strap.

Danish Design Nostalgi 1988 watch
▴ IV27Q1288

Danish Design Nostalgi 1988 watch
▴ IV11Q1288

So, fire up Netflix and put on a wonderful retro series like Stranger Things. Or listen to a compilation CD with the greatest 8ies hits and you will be right back in the wonderful eighties. I just can’t get enough!

More Danish Design watches at Techzle

In addition to these new Nostalgi 1988 watches, you will find many more special watches in the Danish Design collection, such as the minimalist Akilia series or the separate Frihed collection. Plenty of choice for all lovers of real Scandinavian design.

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