Disney Plus password sharing: starting this month, this will no longer be possible

Bad news if you share your Disney Plus account with friends, because you will soon no longer be allowed to share your password. Starting this month, Disney will implement the new rules!

Disney stops password sharing

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced in August 2023 that the company would introduce new rules for sharing accounts. That moment has now come, because it will soon no longer be allowed to share your password at Disney Plus. The company follows Netflix with this new arrangement, because since last year it has no longer been allowed to use one account with multiple households.

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Do you do that? Then you have to pay extra for every user you add to the subscription. It appears that Disney Plus is taking similar steps, only allowing you to share an account within the same household. To check this, your IP address, location and account activity are analyzed by Disney. That will happen soon, because Disney has revealed from which month it will no longer be possible to share your password.

disney plus password sharing

New rules on Disney Plus are coming soon

According to Iger, Disney Plus will begin monitoring shared accounts in June. From that month onwards, it is no longer allowed to share your password on Disney Plus in certain countries. The Disney CEO has not announced in which countries the new scheme will be rolled out first. According to him, this only concerns a small number of countries, but it does not stop there.

Disney will roll out the new regulations on a large scale in September. From that moment on, you can only share the password on Disney Plus within the same household. It is not yet known what will happen if you continue to share your account with your friends. You will probably have to pay extra, as is also the case with Netflix. There you pay 3.99 euros monthly for an extra member with your subscription, Disney Plus will probably charge approximately the same price.

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Higher revenue for Disney Plus

With the new regulations, Disney Plus is trying to make more profits, because more users have to subscribe. At least at Netflix, the new rules have already led to much higher turnover. It is therefore expected that the same will happen with Disney Plus, although the question remains whether users will cancel their subscription. We won’t know until the fall, when the results of Disney Plus are presented.

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It will remain possible to share your password on Disney Plus in the coming months. Disney will start checking users in June, but it is still unknown whether this also happens in the Netherlands. Sharing your Disney Plus account will not come to a definitive end until September. Do you not want to pay extra for the streaming service, or are you looking for new series and films? Then view the full range of other streaming services here:

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