Donate a power bank and help the Ukrainians

A charged phone battery can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency. The Haarlem media company Reshift – publisher of, among others, Computer!Totaal – starts the Power to the People campaign, with which it collects power banks for Ukrainians fleeing the war.

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have had to leave their homes behind because of the emerging war in the country. A safe, accessible place to charge the smartphone – an important means of communication – is almost impossible.

A working telephone is vital for Ukrainians: whether for news and information about their surroundings, to keep in touch with friends and family or for practical matters such as navigation or the built-in flashlight – a fully charged battery is essential in all these cases. .

Donate a power bank

Numerous small and large initiatives are being set up nationally to help the people in Ukraine. Reshift is happy to contribute and has started the action Power to the People† This will collect as many power banks as possible to provide the Ukrainian refugees with power.

Visitors can purchase a power bank via the website with a donation of 25 euros. All purchased power banks are collected by Reshift and will be transported to Ukraine – either directly or through recognized aid organizations. Help and donate a power bank.

Donate a power bank now, go to:

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