Don’t throw it away: Why many people drink pickle water

Why many people drink pickle water
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Pickles have many fans. But the liquid from the pickle jar often ends up in the drain as soon as the cucumbers are eaten. Did you know that drinking cucumber water can be quite healthy?

Pickle water is far too good to just throw away. The liquid still contains many valuable ingredients – and also has several positive effects.

Drinking cucumber water: a healthy remedy for muscle cramps

The liquid in which the pickles are pickled consists essentially of vinegar, herbs and spices. This is the ideal combination for muscle cramps, emphasizes a study from the specialist magazine “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise”.

According to the study, the healthy cucumber water is said to reduce the activity of the nerve cells that send impulses and thus have an antispasmodic effect. Anyone who drinks pickle water during an acute cramp can reduce the duration of the tension by almost half, the researchers write. They recommend one milliliter of cucumber water per kilogram of weight – or simply a good sip of the liquid.

A physiotherapist explains to the “Pharmaceutical Journal” that cucumber water can even have a preventative effect against cramps if taken over a longer period of time. However, there is no scientifically proven evidence of this yet.

Drink cucumber water and balance your electrolytes

Homemade pickles
Pickle water for electrolyte balance. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay / Photo-Mix)

After a workout, you should drink a lot – in addition to water, pickle water is also recommended. The liquid contains sodium and potassium, i.e. electrolytes that the body loses when you sweat. In the USA, you can even buy “pickle juice” in bottles.

Natural weight loss aid

Anyone who wants to lose weight can also try drinking cucumber water regularly. According to various studies, vinegar is said to stimulate digestion, reduce appetite and thus help with weight loss. The cucumber water consists largely of vinegar.

But be careful: some types of pickled cucumbers have a lot of sugar in the liquid, which is not exactly good for your health or for losing weight. If you want to be on the safe side, you should check the label carefully. If you buy organic, you also avoid possible pesticide residues. By the way, you can also simply pickle cucumbers yourself.

What if I don’t like pickle water?

Even though the sour cucumber water may be healthy and has some positive effects, not everyone will be able to drink the liquid. However, those who don’t want to drink the cucumber water don’t have to throw it away. The liquid can still be used as a dressing for salads, as a seasoning for mayonnaise, in dips or for pickling.

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