Electric bicycle brand Super73 makes new design as a tribute

Electric bicycle brand Super73 makes new design as a tribute

Tom Ritchey: The name may not mean anything to you, but he is one of the most famous people in mountain biking. Now you wouldn’t say that you can mountain bike very well with a Super73, but it turns out to be a sportier bike than you might think. The brand has now made a cool tribute bike for Ritchey: Super73 ZX Team.


Tom ‘The Senior Slayer’ Ritchey has been riding a bike since he could walk. He races, but he also builds bicycles. Mountain biking is not such an old sport at all: it was first done fifty years ago in the mountains of California. It was mainly a way of cycling in the mountains, not so much a sport. However, it soon became popular and what many people don’t know is that the first mountain bikes were not that light and thin at all. They were even called ‘klunkers’, with their fat tires.

Electric bicycle brand Super73 makes new design as a tribute

To honor that beginning of mountain biking as a sport, and with it Tom Ritchey, the bicycle brand Super73 has created a special design of the ZX, writes AWSmart. It’s colorful, has a red-white-blue saddle and has multiple parts on it that Ritchey once invented. Think clipless pedals, a 34T Hope front sprocket and ten-speed gearbox. In addition, there are special Hope Tech3 disc brakes and floating rotors so that you can brake extra well. The grips have also been overhauled to give the bike a mountain bike look.

Famous Brand

Super73 is known for having several celebrities such as Justin Bieber and A$AP Rocky. They are small, striking bikes with a large saddle that is very comfortable. They can also go fast: it is not only possible to go up to 25 kilometers, but up to 45 kilometers is also an option. It also has a thumb throttle, so you don’t even have to pedal if you don’t want to. You set everything up by using the Super73 app. What the bike costs, that is unknown, but the normal one ZX costs 2699 euros.

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