Enable volume output when using soundbar on Apple TV

If you have connected a soundbar or audio receiver to the TV, the volume level is not always displayed when you adjust it. Some TVs hide the volume display as soon as you connect an external speaker.

Apple TV users have been able to solve this using volume control since iOS 17.1. tvOS then shows a volume bar on the screen that indicates how loud the volume is. Useful if your TV does not support this.

Enable volume display Apple TV

  • Open Settings on the Apple TV
  • Go to ‘Remotes and devices
  • Scroll down to ‘On-screen volume display’
  • Set the option to ‘Show’

This option is only visible if you have connected a soundbar or other audio system to the Apple TV. If you have connected HomePod to the Apple TV, you will always see the volume display and the function is therefore enabled by default.

Enable volume display Apple TV

Once the option is enabled, a volume bar will appear on the right side of the image showing the sound level. This bar only appears on screen when you adjust the sound level with the Apple TV remote control. Of course, the volume display will only be shown when using the Apple TV and not on other HDMI and TV channels.

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