End to all those irritations: turn off AirDrop and NameDrop

Do you never use AirDrop or NameDrop and do you find both functions annoying? Here you can read step-by-step how to turn them off forever!

Disable Airdrop and Namedrop on your iPhone and Apple Watch

Does anyone ever send you a photo via AirDrop on your iPhone ‘just for fun’? Or do you find it annoying when iPhones are next to each other and they immediately start transferring things with NameDrop? Then turn off one of the functions (or both)! To disable NameDrop or AirDrop, read below for the quickest way to do so.

Turn off AirDrop

To completely disable AirDrop and NameDrop, you need to go to the settings of your iPhone. You can easily disable both functions there.

Turn off AirDrop on your iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app;

  2. Go to ‘General > AirDrop’;

  3. At the top, check the ‘Receive off’ option.

Disable NameDrop

To turn off NameDrop, follow almost the same steps as when turning off AirDrop. Open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone and tap ‘General > Airdrop’. Then turn off the slider at ‘Bring devices together’. The NameDrop feature is now disabled.

This is NameDrop

You probably already know AirDrop, but NameDrop is quite new. With NameDrop you do not exchange files, but contact details. NameDrop works when two iPhones with iOS 17.1 (or later) or an iPhone with iOS 17.1 (or later) and an Apple Watch with watchOS 10.1 (or later) are placed right next to each other. When this happens and both devices are unlocked, a pop-up will appear asking you to share contact information.

Do you receive a notification from NameDrop even though you do not want to share your contact? Don’t worry, you always have to confirm it first before sending your contact details. Still, it’s quite annoying if NameDrop gets triggered unintentionally every time. That’s why it’s better to turn off the function if you never use it.

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