Fascination with robots

A study shows that it is now almost impossible for people to distinguish whether texts, images and audio files were created by a human or an artificial intelligence… more

In some areas, AI is already supposed to expose liars. But researchers strongly advise against such use. The technology is too unreliable and non-transparent… more

Machine learning is now used in many specialist areas. This brings with it opportunities, but also risks. Researchers have now developed guidelines for the responsible use of AI… more

Studies on mice had suggested that the signals in the cerebral cortex run in loops. In humans, however, things are different: Here, the neurons communicate efficiently in one direction… more

Using a combination of imaging techniques, machine learning and robotics, researchers have gained new insights into how the amazing wing joint of flies works… more

Researchers have developed the monitoring system “VespAI”, which uses artificial intelligence to reliably detect Asian hornets so that they can be combated… more

Researchers have taught the facial robot “Emo” to predict a human smile based on subtle signs and then simultaneously produce it itself… more

It skilfully overcomes complex obstacles: ETH researchers have given their walking robot “Anymal” amazingly animal-​like abilities through artificial intelligence and sophisticated technology… more

Until now, it has been difficult for technical sensors to sense the softness of a material. Now researchers have developed a new haptic device that can mimic the human perception of softness… more

Using video recordings from a toddler’s everyday life, researchers have taught an artificial intelligence the meaning of words. The study provides new insights into language acquisition… more

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