Finally: Google Maps gets support for Live Activities

It’s taken a while, but Google Maps is finally getting support for Live Activities! This is what you need to know about the ‘new’ feature.

New feature for Google Maps

According to new rumors, Google Maps will finally get support for Live Activities. With the function you can see directions from Google Maps on the home screen of your iPhone, even if it is still locked. Maps currently works in a similar way, you always see the map on the screen of your iPhone. The directions are also immediately visible there.

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Google Maps had to make do without Live Activities for the time being. Did you still want to use Google Maps to determine your route? Then your iPhone must be continuously unlocked and Google Maps must be open to see the directions. If your phone locked after a while, you would only see notifications on the home screen. Not very clear, but that will change soon.

Google Maps

Google Maps gets Live Activities

Google is working again on support for Live Activities with Google Maps. Exactly a year ago, the company announced that Google Maps would work with the function from February 2023. That never happened, but now the app seems to be receiving support after all. This is the first time since August that rumors have surfaced about Live Activities for Google’s navigation service.

The feature has several advantages. As mentioned earlier, the map with directions remains visible on the home screen of your iPhone, even when it is locked. In addition, directions appear in the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) and the iPhone 15 series. The expected arrival time also remains visible when Google Maps collaborates with Live Activities.

Notifications on the Apple Watch

The fact that Google Maps is finally getting support for Live Activities also means good news for users with an Apple Watch. Until now, you’ll get limited notifications on your Watch when you follow a route in Google Maps. With Live Activities, the map will likely also appear on your Apple Watch, including clear directions. So you no longer have to take your iPhone with you.

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This new function is especially useful when cycling, because Google Maps has cycling routes in the Netherlands. This is in contrast to Apple’s Maps, where we still have to do without cycling routes. When cycling, Live Activities finally gives you clear directions via your Apple Watch, so you no longer have to risk a traffic fine because your iPhone is needed to find your way.

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Release Live Activities at Google Maps

It is still unclear when Google’s navigation service will receive support for Live Activities. The fact that rumors are emerging for the first time in months means that we can probably expect the feature soon. Google has been working on support for Live Activities since August 2023, so it is expected that the final release will not take long.

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