Free audiobooks on Spotify (and this is how you find them)

Spotify doesn’t officially have audiobooks in the Netherlands yet, but you can find plenty of them abroad. However, they can also be found here and we will show you how to do it!

Free audiobooks on Spotify: this is how you find them

Curling up with a good book is of course nice, but you can listen to an audio book anywhere and you also have your hands free. Enjoy an exciting thriller during a long walk or roll up your sleeves while you go to the Hunger Games listens.

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In the Netherlands you quickly have to rely on apps like Storytel or Bookbeat to really easily listen to audio books (and possibly buy them). Abroad, apps such as Spotify also have a decent range, but this function is not yet available in the Netherlands. Still, we have good news, because if you know where to look, you can also find some audiobooks in this version of Spotify.

Several writers have audiobooks on Spotify. With a bit of good searching, big names such as Stephen King will soon appear (just type ‘Stephen King audio books’ into Spotify), but there are also Dutch writers.

Looking for them yourself takes quite a long time. That’s why it’s nice that there is also a playlist with a whole collection of free audio books that you can listen to on Spotify. Below you will find the link to that playlist.

When you open the playlist above in Spotify, you have to choose one of the books. Then open the corresponding album to listen to each chapter. Each chapter is a separate song in Spotify and of course you want to be able to listen to the entire book. So you shouldn’t put the album on shuffle, otherwise the order will no longer be correct.

Audiobooks with Podimo

As you may have seen, listening to free audiobooks in Spotify is quite cumbersome. The Dutch version of the app does not yet have support for it. If you find this too cumbersome, you can consider trying out Podimo, for example.

podimo subscription

Podimo is a Danish podcast service founded in 2019. Here you will find not only nice audiobooks but also podcasts. By default you can try the service for 14 days, but with the link below you can listen for 30 days for free. Give it a try.

Listen to Podimo for free for 30 days

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