Free course Working from home on a Chromebook

Free home work course on your Chromebook

We all stay in as much as possible, which means that we work at home and receive lessons. Of course you need a good laptop for that and it is therefore not surprising that the demand for Chromebooks is greater than ever. In the free course “Working from home on a Chromebook” in the Tech Academy, we explain in detail how to get the most out of your Chromebook.

Tech Academy is the online training environment of Reshift’s tech brands. We have expanded our offer and are now offering you a free course ‘Working from home on your Chromebook’. In this course you will learn everything about how to optimally set up and use your Chromebook to work at home. How do you edit and create Word documents? Can you also edit photos? And what about multitasking? Can you work with multiple applications at the same time? Just some relevant questions that we answer you in this free course.

Word on a Chromebook

Step by step in 60 minutes

In the online course we show you step by step what you have to think about if you want to use your Chromebook to work optimally at home. Of course that starts with comfortable and ergonomic working, so we’ll show you how to connect a monitor, mouse and keyboard. The course contains several chapters that also cover all the applications you need to perform your work. After each chapter you can test your knowledge based on a number of questions. Have you successfully completed the course? Then you will receive a certificate.

Now follow the course “Working from home on a Chromebook”.


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