Funny Apple ad emphasizes the importance of privacy

Apple takes user privacy very seriously. In a new ad, the manufacturer shows how to protect your personal data with your iPhone.

Your data should not be an auction

Apple wants everyone to know how important the manufacturer thinks your privacy is. With the iPhone and iOS 15, users have more control over the data that apps may or may not use and view. There is a good chance that Apple will expand these privacy features even further in iOS 16. The manufacturer is once again emphasizing the importance of privacy in a new advertisement.

In the commercial, we see a young woman walking into an auction room with her name on it. Here, a large audience is bidding on her personal data, including browsing history, messages, and more. The public is willing to pay for this data. In this way, Apple visualizes large companies that build a profile of you based on your data. This way they know exactly how they can reach you with, for example, personalized advertisements.

At the end of the new Apple ad, the main character thinks it’s been nice. She no longer allows apps on her iPhone to access her tracking, making its data better protected. Then her auctioned dates, the auctioneer and the entire audience explode in epic-looking clouds of dust. Tidy is tidy.

Privacy Report in iOS 15

The apps privacy report is a feature that has been available to iPhone users since iOS 15.2. The report gives you more insight into what apps do with your data. You not only see how often (and when) an app had access to, for example, your camera and microphone, but also with which domains they made contact.

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Since iOS 14.5, apps have to ask iPhone users if they trackers allowed to place. trackers follow people across the internet with the aim of collecting as much data about behavior as possible. Do you give apps permission to track you and do you use the new privacy features in iOS 15? Let us know in the comments below this article!

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