G-Shock Metal covered Camouflage and Gold series

In 2020, G-Shock launched an innovative new watch series: the metal-covered camouflage models. This series of watches is based on existing G-Shock models, but with a plastic case that is encased in a stylish metal ‘cover’. This metal undergoes 20 (!) forging steps, from cutting to polishing, before it is provided with a pattern using a laser.

G-Shock Camouflage Metal

This was the first series of G-Shocks consisting of different models with a metal-covered case, which has been given a makeover. The series consists of the GM-5600SCM-1ER, GM-6900SCM-1ER and GM-110SCM-1AER.

This G-Shock Camouflage Metal series features a subtle camouflage style that combines translucent plastic straps with glossy stainless steel cases. The straps have a faint camouflage pattern and the silver cases have a lasered camouflage pattern with white lettering. The camouflage pattern extends to the minimalist dial of the digital model. This gives this series of watches a fresh look with a cool edge.

▴ GM-6900SCM-1ER
G-Shock metal covered watches

▴ Subtle camouflage pattern on strap and case
G-Shock metal covered watches

Metal covered Gold series

The Metal-covered Gold series is the second series of G-Shocks to receive the Metal-Cover treatment.

The GM-5600SG-9ER is one of three models with a gold sleeve and has a reflective gold dial and silver-colored push buttons. What is special about this model is that it has special EL (Electro Luminescence) lighting that lights up at the touch of a button. The ‘Shock resist’ logo will then appear on the display.

The GM-6900SG-9ER has a similar style, but with a G-Shock logo on the bezel. The GM-110SG-9AER has a gold dial with black accent markers. This watch also has a structured transparent strap that feels very pleasant.

The luxurious appearance of this series of watches makes the style attractive for both men and women.

▴ Structured band

▴ GM-6900SG-9ER

More G-Shock at Techzle

G-Shock has been one of the Top 3 brands on our site for years. The brand’s excellent price-quality ratio and innovative approach guarantee watches that perform under all conditions for women and men. On our page with special and limited G-Shocks you will find all special editions – such as these unique Metal Covered models – together.

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