Get ready: Analysts expect the most exciting iPhone in years

Analysts expect the changes coming to the iPhone 16 to be so exciting that sales of Apple’s phone will skyrocket in 2024. Here’s why.

iPhone sales are getting much higher

If we are to believe the analysts at investment firm Wedbush, Apple will sell a lot more iPhones in 2024. The company predicts that many more models of the iPhone 16 will be sold, thanks to the release of Apple Intelligence. It is expected that all versions of the iPhone 16 will support the new AI functions, while at the moment only the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max do.

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So you don’t have to buy a more expensive Pro or Pro Max model to get access to Apple Intelligence with the iPhone 16. According to Wedbush, this will lead to a significant increase in sales figures, making the iPhone 16 possibly the best-selling iPhone in years. Wedbush analysts also expect the new AI features to ensure that iPhones sell better in China.

iPhone 16 AI

Apple is leading the way with AI

That is a striking prediction, because Apple struggled with declining sales figures in China in the last quarter. Analysts at Wedbush expect that Apple will sell many more iPhones in China from September onwards due to the release of the iPhone 16. Good news for Apple, especially after a number of setbacks in China. For example, last year the Chinese government decided that civil servants were not allowed to use an iPhone, which caused the company to lose 190 billion dollars in two days.

Since WWDC 2024, Wedbush analysts have been extremely positive about Apple and the expected sales figures of the iPhones. Of course, this has everything to do with the introduction of Apple Intelligence, which means that the company is focusing on artificial intelligence for the first time. According to Wedbush, Apple will even be an important gatekeeper in the field of AI from September, especially since 2.2 billion people worldwide use Apple’s services.

apple intelligence

iOS 18 gets ChatGPT and Gemini

Wedbush analysts are also very positive about Apple’s plan to add multiple chatbots to future iPhones. The company has indicated that it is also looking into a partnership with Google. In iOS 18, you will at least get ChatGPT on your iPhone, because Apple has reached an agreement with OpenAI. In the future, Google’s Gemini may also be added.

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According to analysts at Wedbush, Apple integrating artificial intelligence into iPhones in this way is the future. With important changes in the hardware such as the new A18 chip, new telephoto lens for the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro functions for the ‘normal’ iPhone 16, expectations are high. Read all about the iPhone 16 here and see all the rumors about the iPhone 16 Pro (Max) here!

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