Get ready for the 2022 World Cup (ADV) with these Sonos offers

Get different speaker sets from Sonos at tink with high discounts. In this article we list all the offers so that you can watch the World Cup with the perfect sound experience!

With a Sonos speaker set you get the World Cup at home!

Have you always wanted a wireless hi-fi system that can fill your entire living room? Then look no further than Sonos! And at tink you can get Sonos speaker sets with extremely high discounts until Sunday 30 October. Be quick, because discounts on Sonos speakers are not that often. And certainly not for bundles like tink now offers. Bundles are generally cheaper anyway, so you now benefit twice.

With the speakers from Sonos you are assured of excellent sound quality, without having to fiddle with all kinds of cables! The speakers are completely wireless and easy to connect. With a set of Sonos you are ready for the World Cup at the end of November! Do you want to hear the Dutch fans on one side of your room and your opponent’s on the other? Then you have come to the right place with a Sonos set. Quickly click on the button below for all Sonos offers in a row or read on for our selection of the best deals.

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Sonos Arc One SL 5.1 Home Theater Set – save 607 euros


With the Sonos Arc One SL 5.1 Home Theater Set you can hear every ball on the pole and the fans in your living room seem to be singing. In other words: you don’t have to go to Qatar at all, with this speaker set you get to experience the World Cup in your own home much better! This is partly due to the Sonos Sub (Gen 3) that makes every rude violation feel like a red card. The stereo speakers, two Sonos One SLs, ensure that you can distinguish the real whistle signal from a fake one and the soundbar, which you place in the middle under your TV, makes even the kick-off a real pleasure.

You usually get the Sonos Arc One SL 5.1 Home Theater Set at tink for 2246 euros. Now with the World Cup deals you only pay for this stereo set 1639 euros – a discount of 607 euros. It’s up to you whether you want the white or black version.

Check out the Sonos Arc One SL 5.1 offer

Sonos One SL Beam Sub Mini 5.1 Home Cinema Set – save 237 euros


The Sonos One SL Beam Sub Mini 5.1 Home Cinema Set consists of a Sonos Beam Gen 2 soundbar, two Sonos One SL speakers and a Sonos Sub Mini. You can also create the perfect football atmosphere in your living room with this. This speaker set does have two major advantages compared to the above offer. Firstly, this set has a smaller sub, which you can easily hide in your living room. The sound quality is of course top notch! The other big advantage is the price.

You only pay for this speaker set from Sonos 1396 euros. Without the discount of tink you pay there 1159 euros in front of. That is a discount of no less than 237 euros! Again you can choose between black and white.

Check out the Sonos One SL Beam Sub Mini 5.1 offer

Sonos One SL Beam 5.0 Entertainment Set – save 197 euros

Are the above speaker sets a bit too much of a good thing, perhaps because you only have a small apartment? But would you still like to have a stereo set in your home for the World Cup? Then go for the Sonos One SL Beam 5.0 Entertainment Set! With this set, your friends who come over will still be completely jealous of your surround sound! Transform your living room into a stadium stand, without paying the top prize? The Sonos One SL Beam 5.0 Entertainment Set is the ideal option for you!

You don’t buy this speaker set from Sonos at tink for the suggested retail price of 897 eurosbut for only 699.95 euros. Still a nice discount of 197 euros! This speaker set is also available in black or white.

Check out the Sonos One SL Beam 5.0 offer

Many more offers from Sonos at tink

Do you say smart home? Then you say think! At tink you get all kinds of smarthome products for a low price! From smart thermostats to robot vacuums, tink has (almost) everything! And as mentioned, you can enjoy extra advantageous prices on the smart speaker sets from Sonos until October 30.

Finally, there are even more configurations of Sonos speakers, all of which have also received discounts. Such is the Sonos Arc 3.1 Home Theater Set 489 euros cheaper, and you can get the Sonos One SL Arc 5.0 Entertainment Set for only 999.95 euros. You get the Sonos Arc One 5.1 Home Theater Set at tink with a discount of 586 euros! In short: with the Sonos offers from tink, you can watch and listen to the World Cup in style.

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